Bath Bomb Review (LUSH Alternatives)

Bath Bomb Review (LUSH Alternatives)

If you read my post about my Sunday Afternoon a few weeks ago, you will have seen I picked up some bath bombs from a local craft show and promised a review. I picked up products from Mountain Mist: Luxury Bath & Body Products and Shabbybath Naturals. The Mountain Mist products are the round shaped and the Shabbybath are the flower shaped in the picture.

From Mountain Mist I bought the:
Bliss Bath Bomb (This is my favorite)
Amber Bath Bomb
Passion Bath Bomb
Rain Bath Bomb
Spring Bath Bomb

From Shabbybath I bought the:
Oatmeal & Honey Bath Bomb Petal
Stress Relief Bath Bomb Petal
Amazing Grace Bath Bomb Petal

The bombs from Mountain Mist were 6 for $5 at the craft show and online they are 3 for $5 or 10 for $12. Shabbybath was selling their bombs for a $1 a piece at the craft show and online sell 12 for $12. 

Mountain Mist

Overall I prefer the Mountain Mist Bombs for several reasons. The Mountain Mist Bombs fill the whole room with their aroma, they have amazing scents and they are made with coconut oil which makes my skin feel awesome. The only downside is that sometimes you can feel a little too oily after a soak in a bath with one of these bombs. Some of the bombs, like bliss have flower petals in them that are a nice addition to bath time.

If you are a LUSH fan then you might wonder if these compare to their products and I would say that these are better in some ways. I think the Mountain Mist Bombs make my skin feel better than LUSH bombs and the scents are comparable if not better. The two main differences are size and entertainment factor. Mountain Mist's bombs are about 1.5" in diameter while most LUSH bombs are about 3" or 4" in diameter, this is not a bad thing though. Mountain Mist's bombs dissipate faster while packing an equal punch. As for entertainment factor I am referring to the novelty that LUSH builds into its bombs like shapes, glitter and changing the color of the water. I suspect that the lack of glitter and dye that changes the color of the water is probably healthier, though shapes are pure novelty. I think Mountain Mist wins in my book and I will definitely order more. Further if you include price as a factor then Mountain Mist is definitely an amazing value.

Shabbybath Naturals

Shabbybath bombs are also great for the value. The scents are very nice although they have less of a selection than Mountain Mist. These are also less potent than the Mountain Mist bombs, which would be great for someone more sensitive to aromas. Shabbybath bombs include essential oils and cocoa butter, they make my skin feel good and slightly less oily than the Mountain Mist bombs. 

Compared to LUSH these don't have the powerful scent, the glitter or the water color changing effects. The Shabbybath bombs are also smaller in size but do have a cute flower shape. I would probably say that LUSH wins this one for me because I prefer the stronger scents for my baths. Shabbybath does has very good prices though, so they may not replace my interest in LUSH but I take a lot of baths so that means I use a lot of bath products, price is definitely a factor.


I think I will be placing an order with Mountain Mist sometime soon and I might try some of their other products, I have been loving their Bliss scent. As for Shabbybath they aren't exactly what I am looking for in a product but if I see them at another craft show I might purchase a few more or try another product. Overall these are both good LUSH substitutes that are more affordable. 

Have you found any bath products that you love?

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March 2014: Ipsy Bag and Giveaway

March 2014: Ipsy Bag and Giveaway

 I am so happy with this month's products in my tipsy bag, but I am not thrilled with the bag itself. Ipsy is teaming up with artists to do an Artist Series of bags. Though the quality of the bag is good, I do not love the print. The lining is a very pretty blue though. If you are interested in Ipsy go here.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer

The first thing in my bag was a full size Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer valued at $9.00. This is a very light feeling product and it dried without feeling oily. The primer has a shimmery finish, as you can see in the swatch picture above the shimmer is subtle and I think under a foundation it would look perfect.

bareMinerals Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready

The next product was a mini 0.05oz bareMinerals Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready, the full size is 0.12oz valued at $18.00. This lipstick feels super moisturizing and the color is great.

Chella Liquid Eyeliner in Indigo Blue

Next Ipsy included this full size Chella Liquid Eyeliner in Indigo Blue valued at $24. I am torn about this eyeliner, the pigmentation and applicator are fantastic, but I don't see me using this because of the color. Therefore I have spritzed the tip with rubbing alcohol to sanitize it and this will be one of the products in the giveaway.

NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow trio in No Tan Lines Allowed

The last item in the Ipsy bag was a full size NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow trio in No Tan Lines Allowed valued at $6. This is a pretty good palette, the colors are great neutrals but the color payout is not the best. I did use my fingers and I think I can get better pay out by using a brush. I will be purchasing one of these to giveaway too.

If you are interested in Ipsy go here.


1. This giveaway is only open to the United States.
2. The Prizes are (1) the Chella liquid eyeliner in indigo and (2) the NYX Love in Rio in No Tan Lines Allowed.
3. There will be two winners and each winner will get one of the above items.
4. All entries will be through the Rafflecopter Widget below.
5. Winners will be chosen March 30th, 2014.
6. After winners are chosen, their entries will be verified and if they entries are proper they will be notified of winning, if the entries are not proper a new winner will be chosen.
7. Winners have 5 days to respond otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
8. I am not liable for any issues with the products after I ship them.
9. If you win the Chella Liquid Eyeliner you are winning a sanitized product that I have used for a swatch, if you are not okay with this and win this product please let me know.
10. Please use the products carefully, I am not responsible for any adverse reaction.
11. The prizes will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail.
12. By entering this giveaway you agree to these rules.

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February Favorites

February Favorites: Lush, Etude House, Baby Skin, L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush, Missha Jewel Star Eyes  and Yankee Candle

I am sorry this post is so belated, I promise next month will be much more prompt!

Lush, Baby Skin, Etude House

Maybelline- Baby Skin: At first I didn't love this primer, because though it fills in pores it caused problems with applying my powder foundation. The powder would clump up and not go on properly. However I have given this a try under my Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse. The combination makes my skin look flawless. I will trying this under some other liquid foundations in the future.

Lush- Godiva Shampoo Bar: The is an solid shampoo bar that smells like gardenias. I love how this cleans my hair and the smell is amazing.

Etude House- AC Clinic Foaming Face Cleanser: This is my all time favorite face cleanser. I use this every 2-3 days and use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish Control on the other days. This smells like Teatree and sage and it does a great just of deep cleaning my face.

Missha- Jewel Star Eyes in Pink Champagne

Missha- Jewel Star Eyes in Pink Champagne: This is a cream shadow but it does not have a lot of pigment. I love to use this to add a little sparkle to a neutral eye look.

L'Oreal- Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush

L'oreal- Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush: I love this because I can just toss it on my lid for a quick and easy everyday look or I can blend it with a gold eyeshadow for a more dramatic look.

Yankee Candle- Pure Radiance in Stargaze: This is a wonderful candle in a delicious amber musk. I love this candle while I'm in the bath, the scent is so relaxing.

Check out these products in my Luvocracy Collection.

What products have you been loving?

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Lush Haul and Review

Lush products, Shampoo Bars, Bubble Bar, Bath bombs

I bought several awesome things from LUSH and I was so excited for them to get here. The products are listed on my Luvocracy Lush Collection

I did experience one disappointment, which was the Soak and Float Shampoo bar. The smell was so overwhelming that I have asked Lush for an exchange. When I talked to the representative from Lush she was super nice and helpful but she said the smell of the Soak and Float is always a love/hate for people. So my recommendation is to hold off unless you can go into the store and smell it first. I would say that it smells like a pungent campfire, with something else bitter involved. The Soak and Float is supposed to be helpful for dandruff and dry scalp, which I was excited to try because I have mild dandruff. I will be exchanging the Soak and Float for either a new Godiva Shampoo or the Seanik Shampoo.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

I also ordered the Sex Bomb bath bomb. This smells very good, floral and musky. I used this when I wasn't feeling well and wanted to have an extra relaxing bath. This was fantastic and it made my skin feel very silky. This also has a little rice paper flower inside that was super cute to see absorb the water. As you can see above, this turned my water a pretty pink. The only downside for me was the residue this left on my tub, I don't think it will be hard to get off, but it does mean a little extra work. I will definitely be ordering this again.

Rockstar Soap and Soak N Float Shampoo

The Rock Star soap was the bonus sample that came with my Lush order. I like the smell, but haven't used it yet so I will update this when I do. This smells like bubble-gum which I like, but it might get on my nerves eventually. Also the size I received is a sample size.

Bathos Bubble Bar and Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Bathos the bubble bar, I am super excited to try this. One I love bubbles and two this smells like fresh flowers and spring. I also think I will be able to get more than one bath with this bubble bar. I hope that the bubbles are a little purple.

The Dragon's Egg is a citrus scented bath bomb. I have not tried this yet but I have hear it has glitter inside which I am very excited for!

Ultimate Shine and Shampoo Tin

The last thing I bought was the Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar. Now, first I have to say I would never have thought I would love bar shampoo but after having the Godiva Shampoo Bar, I really don't know if I will go back to liquid shampoo any time soon. This shampoo is so easy to use, you can either lather it up in your hands and put your hand through your hair or you can rub the bar on your head. I love this so much. This one lathers a little better than my Godiva Bar did. I also love the smell but I have no clue how to describe it, it is a very refreshing smell though. I don't know if this is helping with shine yet but it made my hair feel super clean and fresh.  I will definitely order this again.

As you can see I also bought the shampoo bar tin. I bought this because when you get to the end of a shampoo bar it is small and hard to keep track of so I wanted to get a container for it. 

I would also like to say that the Shampoo Bars last a while I have had my Godiva bar from Early January and it is now the start of March and I still have enough for a few more washes. I have very thick hair that I was every 2-3 days. So I would say that is at least 25-35 washes from one bar.

Overall I am happy with my Lush order and the customer service with Lush is amazing! 

Check out these products on my Lush Haul and Review Luvocracy Collection!

Let me know your favorite Lush products!