Favorites: March 2014

I'm sorry this is so late, like I said in my Chatty post, law school has taken over my life until I'm done finals.

Check out all these products in my Luvocracy Collection!

The M.A.C. paint pot in Let's Skate! has been a holy grail product for me this month. I love using it as a base or as an easy single color to use when I'm running late. This was a kind gift from my friend Dahye, she gave it to me because she thinks rose colors look bad on her, I disagree but she insisted on giving this to me. So she gets a great big THANK YOU, because I love this!

The Rimmel Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipsticks are a favorite among bloggers and youtubers and I can completely see why. I have the shade #10 which is a warm red that boarders on dark pink. This is a bold color great for a night out or a really old day look. This lasts all day or night even while drinking and eating. I will definitely be collecting more shades.

The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Mint Sorbet has been on my nails for over half the month. Mint is my favorite color this year and I had been looking for a perfect mint from a cheaper nail polish. This was $2.99 at CVS and is perfect. I expect to wear this throughout the spring and into summer. I also really love the formula for this nail polish it resisted chips longer than most and I did not have a top coat on. I had about 1 1/2 weeks of decent wear. This is another product that I want in more shades.

If you read my E.L.F. Haul Post you will see that I bought several things including the Acne Fighting Foundation. I mentioned that I loved the coverage and the wear. I can now say that this definitely helped my acne which is awesome. The only down side is that it doesn't always set perfectly, sometimes it smears on my pullover. I think I'm going to buy the HD setting powder from E.L.F. and set if it helps.

Additionally I have picked the RealTechniques Expert Face Brush as a favorite because it is perfect for applying liquid foundations. I still like my E.L.F. powder brush that I was using before but the ferrel is separating from the handle and I needed a new brush. This helps applying the product evenly and the smaller head helps to do the areas around the nose.

The E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleanser is a must if you use liquid or cream products. Liquids and Creams can gunk-up and stain brushes. A few spritz of this and a wipe on a cloth keeps your brushes from gunning-up between full cleanings and during a full cleaning can help get rid of staining.

The CVS Cleansing and Makeup Remover wipes are a must in my bathroom. I don't use them everyday but sometimes I come home and just want to clean my face as fast as possible, these are perfect for that. These don't break me out, but if these are your cup of tea, CVS has several formulas.

I hope you enjoyed this favorites post, I will probably have one or two more posts between now and May 1st. After May 1st I will resume doing one or two posts a week. I was considering doing a makeup brush cleaning post, a hair-tie making tutorial and some makeup looks. Let me know what you think and want to see!?

Also what were your favorite products in March?

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