Fall Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul
Hey guys, I have done a fair bit shopping in the past couple weeks and have picked up some new stuff, this is one of two hauls that I am going to do, the other will be more homegoods type things. *Disclaimer* Please keep in mind that I don't shop all the time and these rings were purchased over a couple of weeks and several shopping trips.
OGX teatree mint shampoo and conditioner

The blue bag is a shower caddy from target. Since we moved to a new place we only have one bathroom and it's much smaller so I keep most of my beauty stuff in our bedroom and I thought this would be an efficient way to carry what I need back and forth. Next I bought the tea tree mint shampoo and conditioner from OGX after I had my hair done and needed a sulfate free set. Thus far they have worked well though I haven't noticed anything particular unique or exciting, but the tea tree and mint do make it feel refreshing. The last thing above is a product container with a flat pump. I bought this for my toner because I thought it would be go for putting the toner on cotton pads and I was right, I love this. 

Limited Edition Sephora Cinderella Palette

This was my splurge purchase. It's the Sephora limited edition Cinderella palette. I thought that it was completely sold out but found this is in the Sephora clearance area for $39 (originally $55). I am in love with the colors and will do a post with a look and swatches soon.
It Brush for Ulta and Essence eyeliners

Like I mentioned in my Ulta news alert, the IT brushes for Ulta are in and I bought number 105. So far this brush is great for blending just like I hoped. I also picked up three eyeliners from Essence, now I know you are thinking 'Cat, why do you need three black eyeliners from essence?'  Well I bought the regular and the superfine on the same day to decide which style tip I preferred, so far I think it would be the regular but the fine tip could be useful. Anyhow I really liked the regular but had wanted the waterproof the day I bought it and it was sold out so the next time I went and it was in stock I bought it. They were each $2.99. 

Owl Jewelry Stand

This item is not really beauty and I didn't buy it. This is an owl necklace and Jewelry holder that Bridgette bought me while we were doing the wedding registry at Target. She bought it as a late Birthday present.

Beauty Haul

Speaking of birthdays, I got my Sephora Make up Forever birthday set, which includes a mini lipstick and mini mascara. I also got my Ulta birthday present which was a CK mascara, not pictured. I was looking for a good bubble bath at Ulta and one of the girls recommended I try using the vita bath body wash as bubble bath. I bought a small bottle in  heavenly coconut vanilla to try. I also have been having some random breakouts and thought I would try a product recommended by Essiebutton. I bought the body shop tea tree cool & creamy wash that was in her empties video. I also bought the tea tree cleansing toner. 

Finally I really needed a new hair dryer and I found this Eva.Nyc one on clearance for $29.99 from $60 originally. If you are curious, my old hair dryer was the little ConAir travel hair dryer that cost like $16. It was pretty awful, the heat element barely worked and the power was not even close to enough for my thick hair. Anyhow the beautiful cosmic print on this hair dryer caught my eye and it came with a brush and some heat damage protection spray. All in all a great steal for $29.99.

Sephora Samples

I also picked up some other little tid-bits at Ulta and received a pack of samples at Sephora (My friend Bridgette also gave me some of her samples).

Montagne Jeunesse- Green Tea Peel Off
Ulta brand bath fizzed in Pumpkin Latte

Sephora Samples
Make Up For Ever- HD Primer
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz (Medium)
Make Up For Ever- HD Pressed Powder
2x Sephora 10HR wear perfection foundation in Sand (Medium)
2x Lancome Dual Finish Multi-Tasking Powder & Foundation in shades #130 and #315 
Wow, that was a ton! Anyhow, if there are any products that you specifically want to hear more about, please let me know. Have you bought anything fun lately?
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