Color Contact Review- SpookyEyes

I received a sample of SpookyEyes color contacts to review through my membership with EtailPR Blogger Network. 

I received the Color Vision Violet Contact Lens, which are a solid violet ring. The color on the contact is fairly opaque and not effected by my natural eye color. 

These contacts retail for about $36 and are supposed to last a year after opening. I think the price is pretty reasonable since they last for a year. They are not prescription contacts, so if you need vision correction, you either need to wear your glasses with them or hire a guide dog. My prescription is mild enough that I can get away without my glasses if I have to, but I normally wear prescription contacts.

So as you can see I normally have brown/ hazel eyes and these contacts did a great job of covering my natural color and making it vivid purple. Overall, I was pleased with these contacts. They did what they are supposed to do, they changes my eye color and they didn't impair my vision significantly. At first I did get some purple haziness on the edges of my vision but that diminished as the contact settle in my eye. 

I would say they are not as comfortable as my regular contacts (Cooper Vision one a day contacts). They have less flex and don't breath as well but, I would never expect to wear these in the same way I wear my regular contacts. These would be great for a halloween look or a special night out but I would not wear them everyday. Part of the reason I wouldn't wear them everyday is the lack of prescription so keep that in mind.

I wore these for about 6-8 hours while studying, driving, cooking and just going about my normal day. I did put my glasses over them for some of that. I am happy to report that they didn't irritate my eyes and like I said were only slightly less comfortable then my regular contacts (totally expected). 

If you have never worn contacts, I think these would be a little easier to put in than my first contacts because they are more rigid. My regular contacts are very flexible and kept folding when I was learning to put them in, these won't do that as much. If you want a video on how to put contacts in, please comment below.

I would like to try one of their designs that is supposed to be less opaque like these green ones.

Its also important to realize that SpookyEyes carries several brands of contacts that will wear differently and might have different life span.

What do you think of the overall effect?

Have you tried SpookyEyes? or any other color contacts? Tweet me a picture if you have!

Bests, Cittie

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