Gluten Free: Post Halloween Trail Mix

Ever wander what to do with your leftover candy corn, how about some trail mix? 

First this may not be gluten free if you can't eat non-certified gluten free. (Some people with Gluten intolerance can't even have manufacturer contamination). M&M's and Candy Corn are not certified.

Candy corn
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Vanilla Chex

Mix equal parts Candy Corn, M&M's, and Seeds. Then add a double part of Chex. So something like 1 cup each of Candy Corn, M&M's, and Seeds; and 2 cups Chex. Either mix in a bowl or shake up in a Zip Lock.  

This came out tasty but next year I would use a less sweet Chex. If you aren't gluten free, then Pretzels would be great. (I haven't found gluten free pretzels that I like yet.)

Let me know if you make this!

Bests, Cittie

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