Wet n' Wild: Comfort Zone Palette Review

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone

The other day I found this palette on sale the other day and decided to finally give it a go. Several beauty bloggers and you tubers have mentioned this palette and honestly skeptical. My experience with Wet n' Wild has generally not been amazing. However this palette packs a serious punch for $4.99. 

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone

This palette has 8 beautifully pigmented colors. The first four from left to right are the column on the left and the second four are the column on the right. All of these colors great. The left column is particularly good for a solid set of neutrals. The right column is a little trickier to work with and I don't think the labels help all that much. These colors are almost as velvety as Urban Decay but a little chalkier, also the dark colors can get a little muddy when blended. 

Urban Decay Ammo Dupes
ComfortZone v. Urban Decay Ammo Palette

1: Right eyelid from Comfort Zone
2: Mildew from Ammo
3: Left crease from Comfort Zone
4: Smog from Ammo
5: Right Browbone from Comfort Zone
6: Maui Wowie from Ammo
7: Left Eyelid from Comfort Zone
8: Chopper from Ammo

I would say this offers some really great dupes of some of my favorite Urban Decay colors. In fact I bought the Ammo Palette for Mildew. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupes

Comfort Zone v. Naked 3

1: Left eyelid from Comfort Zone
2: Trick from Naked 3
3: Right crease from Comfort Zone
4: Blackheart from Naked 3

Thought not as many dupes for the Naked 3, I still think the quality for cost makes this palette a great buy. 

Have you tried this palette, what do you think?

 Bests, Cittie


  1. I have yet to try a Wet and Wild eye shadow as I have had one bad W&W experience in the past. But, I have been seeing good things about these palettes specifically, so I will have to give them a try!

    Say, anytime you want to link up your nail or beauty posts, just like this one, I would love to have you over at the Beauty Frenzy Friday link party! (every linked up post gets pinned and has the chance to be featured the following week!)


    1. You definitely should, I was hesitant but it was totally worth $5. I will check out the linkup.


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