DIY Reindeer Ornament

So I saw this pin and I had been seeing similar items in crafty stores around Columbia. They are super cute and I had been saving wine corks for the right project so I wanted to go ahead and make these with my own twist. These make cute decorations and could make awesome DIY gifts.
First for supplies you will need:
-Wine corks (2.5 per reindeer)
-Googly Eyes
-Pom Poms
-Pipe Cleaners
-A Sheet of Brown Foam
-Jingle Bells
-Hot Glue Gun

Start by cutting two corks in half. I used a serrated bread knife, it worked fairly well. Please be careful when using a knife on the corks because they tend to rol

Next cut two halves in half again.

These are the pieces you need to move forward. Four quarters, one half and one whole cork.

Attach the quarter corks to the whole cork to form the legs and the body. Some of my corks were cut on an angle and I used that to my advantage to make space between the legs.

Glue the half cork on to form the head.

Next cut two small rectangles of the brown foam and shape the ears. Then glue the ears to the back of the reindeer's head.

Next cut one three inch section and two one inch sections of pipe cleaner. Fold the three inch piece in the middle, then twist the one each piece on each end of the V. Last glue the center of the V between the ears on the back of the head.

Glue on some googly eyes, a pom pom for a nose and a pom pom for the tail.

Cut a three inch piece of ribbon and glue it around the Reindeer's neck. Then trim the ends of the ribbon.

Glue a jingle bell to the criss-cross of the ribbon.

Cut a four inch piece of ribbon, glue the ends together forming a circle. Then glue the circle to the reindeer's back to form a string to hang the reindeer from.

Viola! You have your own little Rudolph!

Hang him on your tree or give him to a friend!

I hope you enjoyed this little craft! Please tweet me or instagram me if you do this craft! Also please share any links to other Christmas DIYs.

Bests, Cittie

Ipsy Bag: December 2014

Okay, so I'm cheating a little because this post is not very Christmassy but it is a gift idea. An Ipsy subscription would be a great gift for any girl but especially a one who likes to try new things or for a beauty lover who you aren't quite sure what to get. The subscription is $10 a month and usually there are about $40-$70 worth of products in the bag plus a cute bag. 
In that spirit, here are my past few month's of Ipsy Bags and this months.
This month I was pretty happy with my Ipsy Bag. The bag itself is a thinner longer black bag with magenta lining and cute matching Ipsy heart pull.
The thing I was most excited about was the deluxe sample of Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes which is a blog and youtube favorite. The Deluxe sample is .10 oz and the full size is .24oz and retails for $20.00. Mascara is not something I like to spend a lot of money on, especially without having tested it, so I'm happy to be able to try Tarte's without buying the full size.
The next item will probably go to my mom as its not my type of product. Sexyhair 450° Blow Out Heat Defense Spray is make your hair smooth, shiny and frizz free when blow dried, but I rarely blow dry my hair. The sample is 1.7oz and the full size is 4.2oz retailing for $18.95.
I like trying new facial cleansers but I try to do it when my skin is in good condition, so I will be waiting to try this next prooduct. Beauty Without Cruelty Premium Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser is a foaming face cleanser. The sample is 2oz and full size is 8.5oz retailing for $11.95.
The next product I was so excited about that I used it immediately, mostly because my lips were ridiculously chapped and I can't find anything when I want it since the move. It was the NYX Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow its an apricot looking nude and on the lips it just slightly mutes my natural lip color. I received a full size product that would retail for $4.00. This was actually very moisturizing and after one application my lips felt back to normal.
The final product was an eyeshadow. Caitlyn Just Mineral Eye Polish in Orchid is supposed to be a multi-purpose eyeshadow powder. The website shows it used as eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and more. This is yet another lovely champagne color, though I'm starting to wish Ipsy sent out some more vibrant colors. This is another full size product and it would retail for $15.00. 
Overall this was a pretty great Ipsy Bag for $10.00.
What did you get this month? Would you want Ipsy for Christmas? Would you give Ipsy for Christmas?
Bests, Cittie

Best Christmas Movies

I'm almost done finals and I wanted to share what I think are some of the best Christmas movies.
I always love watching the Christmas movies on ABC family because they have the classic claymation movies. This year I finally bought some of my favorites on DVD.
Santa Clause is Coming to Town: This is a claymation movie about how Santa Claus came to be. Its a cute story with a Scrouge-esque villain that never finds his heart. Shawn is a fan of this one because Santa is a ginger, which apparently validates his own gingerness in some way.
The Year without a Santa: Mostly I love this movie for Heat-miser and Snow-miser. If you haven't seen this claymation classic, you are missing out.
Santa Claus: First of all I love Tim Allen, I grew up watching Home Improvement, he reminds me of my dad and he's rather funny. This movie was always magical to me as a kid and I love reliving that as I watch it now. Last year we adopted a dog around Christmas, we brought him home and the Santa Claus was on TV, now he is named Charley for the son in the Santa Claus.
Muppets a Christmas Carol: I've been watching this movie since before I can remember, my mom still has the VHS and I've requested the DVD for Christmas even though it is on netflix. First of all, who doesn't love the muppets, well Shawn doesn't, but he is weird. The songs are catchy and it does a great job of portraying the Christmas Carol story with some of out most beloved muppets. 
Love Actually: I'm generally a fan of these types a movies where level story lines come together. I like this movie is Christmassy and not Christmassy at the same time. 
I could go on and on about Christmas movies because I love so many of them. I know I have left off some commonly named ones but I just wanted to share some that I watch almost every year and usually multiple times. 
What are your favorite Christmas Movies?
Bests, Cittie

November Favorites


I wanted to share my favorites from November.

This month I have been loving nail sticker appliqu├ęs. I found these Essie Sleekstick ones at the dollar store and actually got matching ones for all my bridesmaids. These are super easy to apply and last better than painting my nails. Added bonus I'm not waiting for them to dry! I will also be reviewing Jamberrys in my upcoming Christmas Nails post.

This month my go to foundation has been Rimmel Match Perfection. This is a medium to full coverage liquid foundation. I am annoyed with the lack of pump on the packaging, but otherwise this is a great value.

I've been using L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows as the base for my eyes this month. The one on the left is Amber Rush and very pretty rose gold. I have been using it with dark burgundy as an accent. The one on the right is golden sage which I've been using with Urban Decay Maui Wowie (silvery white).

Okay, so we had a monumental event, I made my first purchase from MAC. (I do have other MAC products but they were gifts) I bought MAC Tribalist from the Heirloom Mix. I love this color, it looks a little brown in the tube and in the swatch, but on the lips it is a perfect dark cranberry.

What have you been loving this month?

Bests, Cittie