Best Christmas Movies

I'm almost done finals and I wanted to share what I think are some of the best Christmas movies.
I always love watching the Christmas movies on ABC family because they have the classic claymation movies. This year I finally bought some of my favorites on DVD.
Santa Clause is Coming to Town: This is a claymation movie about how Santa Claus came to be. Its a cute story with a Scrouge-esque villain that never finds his heart. Shawn is a fan of this one because Santa is a ginger, which apparently validates his own gingerness in some way.
The Year without a Santa: Mostly I love this movie for Heat-miser and Snow-miser. If you haven't seen this claymation classic, you are missing out.
Santa Claus: First of all I love Tim Allen, I grew up watching Home Improvement, he reminds me of my dad and he's rather funny. This movie was always magical to me as a kid and I love reliving that as I watch it now. Last year we adopted a dog around Christmas, we brought him home and the Santa Claus was on TV, now he is named Charley for the son in the Santa Claus.
Muppets a Christmas Carol: I've been watching this movie since before I can remember, my mom still has the VHS and I've requested the DVD for Christmas even though it is on netflix. First of all, who doesn't love the muppets, well Shawn doesn't, but he is weird. The songs are catchy and it does a great job of portraying the Christmas Carol story with some of out most beloved muppets. 
Love Actually: I'm generally a fan of these types a movies where level story lines come together. I like this movie is Christmassy and not Christmassy at the same time. 
I could go on and on about Christmas movies because I love so many of them. I know I have left off some commonly named ones but I just wanted to share some that I watch almost every year and usually multiple times. 
What are your favorite Christmas Movies?
Bests, Cittie

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