Ipsy Bag May 2014

It's Ipsy Time!

This month's theme is Fresh Picks. This is my favorite bag from Ipsy so far, the bag is canvas with a bright green print. I am loving green this year and really like the vine motif. This is the perfect bag for spring. To go along with this month's theme my Ipsy bag included a bunch of pampering products that are either natural or cruelty free or vegan.

Top Left: Jersey Shore Sun: Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen - All Natural and Anti-aging
Retails for $25 in a set of two of this 0.5oz size
I'm not sure how I feel about this product, it is very expensive for a sunscreen, but I like using a higher SPF for my face. I will probably take this to the beach with me this weekend just for that purpose.

Top Right: Hey Honey: Take it off - Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask
Full size retails for $35, The full size is 50ml and this sample is 10ml
I'm really excited to try this, I love honey and I like trying different face treatments.

Bottom Left: Derma e - Microdermabrasion Scrub
Full size retails for $32.50, The full size is 2.0oz and this sample is 1.0oz
I have been enjoying the microdermabrasion scrub that was in my March Birchbox, so I am super happy to have another one to try. The Vasanti one from Birchbox did not have much sent, but this one smells lemony fresh, which I think will be nice a refreshing for the summer. 

Bottom Right: Eva-Nye: Therapy Session Hair Mask - with Keravis Protein and Argan Oil. 
Retails for $12
I will probably also use this when I go to the beach, I find that between pool water and sea water I usually need some extra conditioning. 

The last product is the Pacifica Natural Beauty Duo 1. (I couldn't find a price but Pacifica Shadows range from $14-$32)
I am really happy with this product, the colors are nice for everyday. The shadow is soft and velvety but there is little to no fall out. I love colors like this because they are great for everyday if I am working and I need to do a fairly natural look.

Did you enjoy Ipsy this month?

Click here if you want to try Ipsy!
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Welcome Back and April Favorites

Wow! It has been a while, but I made it through exams and took a few days off. Now I am back and excited to be blogging again, I have some fun ideas coming up!

In the mean time let's look at my April favorites!

Katy Perry's Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, is a fantastic summer scent. I bought this with my 20% coupon from Ulta and have been loving it ever since. I also got a free bag with it which is going to be my pool/ beach bag. The notes, according the Katy Perry Fragrance website, are purple plum, mulberry, blackberry, elderberries, red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria, purple freesia, purple lilac, cashmeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline. I find the berries and freesia to be most noticeable. It stays about half the day maybe a little longer. The scent it light and refreshing. My only complaint is that the bottle does not come with the display stand they use in the store. I have made a temporary stand from the packaging and plan to make a better stand soon.

This shadow was in my April Ipsy Bag and I have come to love using it. It applies smoothly, almost no fall out and the most velvety texture. Its also the perfect color for everyday wear.

The wonderful SunnyDahye gave me the Naked3 palette as a gift and I was more than thrilled. I won't say much because I feel it has all been said. However this is such a useful palette of such high quality that I believe it is worth every penny, I was about to spend on it before Dahye gave it to me.

Oh Revlon Balm, we have had a slow journey to love. I bought this after seeing many raving reviews of the Revlon Balm sticks but I honestly hated it at first. I thought it applied unevenly an didn't feel nice but I think it is the way they are made or something. After a few uses it was like the product changed and became perfectly smooth and comfortable, maybe the end was to dry when I first bought it. Anyhow I now love using this, it is some simple for every day and the color is a perfect neutral.

This purchase was a result of shopping with Dahye. She is in love with the Kardashian products, but I was reluctant. I did love this color though so I bought it. The color is a nice sheer shimmer, has the taste and smell of honey. As for the lip plumping it is more subtle than others, it does not sting like some others I've tried.

The last item is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. If you have seen my makeup buying guide, then you know I am resistant to sponges. This is a favorite because the finish this gives my liquid foundation is fantastic and I don't think this retains anymore product then my face brush. My only fear is that the sponge does not dry fast enough and I worry if is not the most sanitary. I want to do some research on this aspect.

What Products are you loving?

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