Color Contact Review- SpookyEyes

I received a sample of SpookyEyes color contacts to review through my membership with EtailPR Blogger Network. 

I received the Color Vision Violet Contact Lens, which are a solid violet ring. The color on the contact is fairly opaque and not effected by my natural eye color. 

These contacts retail for about $36 and are supposed to last a year after opening. I think the price is pretty reasonable since they last for a year. They are not prescription contacts, so if you need vision correction, you either need to wear your glasses with them or hire a guide dog. My prescription is mild enough that I can get away without my glasses if I have to, but I normally wear prescription contacts.

So as you can see I normally have brown/ hazel eyes and these contacts did a great job of covering my natural color and making it vivid purple. Overall, I was pleased with these contacts. They did what they are supposed to do, they changes my eye color and they didn't impair my vision significantly. At first I did get some purple haziness on the edges of my vision but that diminished as the contact settle in my eye. 

I would say they are not as comfortable as my regular contacts (Cooper Vision one a day contacts). They have less flex and don't breath as well but, I would never expect to wear these in the same way I wear my regular contacts. These would be great for a halloween look or a special night out but I would not wear them everyday. Part of the reason I wouldn't wear them everyday is the lack of prescription so keep that in mind.

I wore these for about 6-8 hours while studying, driving, cooking and just going about my normal day. I did put my glasses over them for some of that. I am happy to report that they didn't irritate my eyes and like I said were only slightly less comfortable then my regular contacts (totally expected). 

If you have never worn contacts, I think these would be a little easier to put in than my first contacts because they are more rigid. My regular contacts are very flexible and kept folding when I was learning to put them in, these won't do that as much. If you want a video on how to put contacts in, please comment below.

I would like to try one of their designs that is supposed to be less opaque like these green ones.

Its also important to realize that SpookyEyes carries several brands of contacts that will wear differently and might have different life span.

What do you think of the overall effect?

Have you tried SpookyEyes? or any other color contacts? Tweet me a picture if you have!

Bests, Cittie

Foundation Routine

Hello, I filmed my foundation routine to share with y'all. I hope you enjoy!

What foundation do you like? Do you prefer a brush or a sponge applicator?
Bests, Cittie

Ipsy Bag: November 2014


Today I am sharing this month's Ipsy Bag. This has been one of my favorite month's in a while. The bag is silver and glittery and I was scared that I was going to yet glitter everywhere but it has a patent coating. I was super excited when I realized this, I love glitter but I hate to get glitter everywhere. Moving on to the pretty cool products.

Be a Bombshell Eyebase in Submissive ($14): This is a light gold eyebase and honestly I wanted to love it but I don't. It was hard to get out to swatch, it was very hard and it took three or four swipes to get a decent swatch. This is totally not worth $14, I have some that I like from E.L.F. for $3 and they are much easier to use. I have several other similar eyebases so this is getting sanitized and going to a friend.

Elizabeth Mott You're so Fine Eyeliner in Glitterati ($17.99): I get excited to try new eyeliner and this was no different. I do love this color its a matte black liquid liner with subtle silver glitter. I can totally see wearing this on a night out or on a Saturday when I do bolder makeup. The only downsides are that it has a brush similar to the one in the Rimmel Glameyes that I didn't like (see here) and the price is more than I would pay for a liquid liner with a brush I don't love.

J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion ($4.99): This is another product I am excited about, I haven't tested in on my lips yet but its something between a stain and a lip tar. The color fits with my fall berry obsession (see here). I hope that this works, but I haven't had a chance to try it my lips because they have been super chapped.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray 1.5oz ($8.30 for 9oz.): I have not tries this product yet, but here are my thoughts. At first I thought this was just the oil in aerosol form and I got really excited because I hate putting oil in my hand to put in my hair and aerosol seemed exciting. I was a bit disappointed to learn that this is hairspray, because I don't like aerosol hairspray, I like pump bottle hair spray. I will probably save this for traveling.

Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl .33oz ($27.50 for 1oz.): This product scares me, there I said it. I barely use highlighter anyway but this is liquid and that scares me. That being said this is really pretty but too iridescent for me to feel comfortable with it without experimenting. I was think this product is really expensive but I bet an ounce would last for ages. I am clearly on the fence on this one, but I think it will be fun to play with.

Overall this bag was pretty awesome and the value for $10 is amazing. Three of the five products were full size. 

Bests, Cittie

Regrets and Empties

Today's post is my first youtube video in a while. I filmed a review of some products that I've used all up and will probably repurchase if I haven't already and I also shared some products I regret buying. 
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Bests, Cittie

Wet n' Wild: Comfort Zone Palette Review

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone

The other day I found this palette on sale the other day and decided to finally give it a go. Several beauty bloggers and you tubers have mentioned this palette and honestly skeptical. My experience with Wet n' Wild has generally not been amazing. However this palette packs a serious punch for $4.99. 

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone

This palette has 8 beautifully pigmented colors. The first four from left to right are the column on the left and the second four are the column on the right. All of these colors great. The left column is particularly good for a solid set of neutrals. The right column is a little trickier to work with and I don't think the labels help all that much. These colors are almost as velvety as Urban Decay but a little chalkier, also the dark colors can get a little muddy when blended. 

Urban Decay Ammo Dupes
ComfortZone v. Urban Decay Ammo Palette

1: Right eyelid from Comfort Zone
2: Mildew from Ammo
3: Left crease from Comfort Zone
4: Smog from Ammo
5: Right Browbone from Comfort Zone
6: Maui Wowie from Ammo
7: Left Eyelid from Comfort Zone
8: Chopper from Ammo

I would say this offers some really great dupes of some of my favorite Urban Decay colors. In fact I bought the Ammo Palette for Mildew. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupes

Comfort Zone v. Naked 3

1: Left eyelid from Comfort Zone
2: Trick from Naked 3
3: Right crease from Comfort Zone
4: Blackheart from Naked 3

Thought not as many dupes for the Naked 3, I still think the quality for cost makes this palette a great buy. 

Have you tried this palette, what do you think?

 Bests, Cittie

Gluten Free: Post Halloween Trail Mix

Ever wander what to do with your leftover candy corn, how about some trail mix? 

First this may not be gluten free if you can't eat non-certified gluten free. (Some people with Gluten intolerance can't even have manufacturer contamination). M&M's and Candy Corn are not certified.

Candy corn
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Vanilla Chex

Mix equal parts Candy Corn, M&M's, and Seeds. Then add a double part of Chex. So something like 1 cup each of Candy Corn, M&M's, and Seeds; and 2 cups Chex. Either mix in a bowl or shake up in a Zip Lock.  

This came out tasty but next year I would use a less sweet Chex. If you aren't gluten free, then Pretzels would be great. (I haven't found gluten free pretzels that I like yet.)

Let me know if you make this!

Bests, Cittie

October Favorites

I can't believe another month has passed! Time has been flying! I didn't have any new makeup favorites this month but I have some other products to share. 

I was very excited to order some Zoella Beauty products, I was hoping to order some Tanya Burr products too but the feelunique website was being weird and I couldn't. I bought the Eyes Makeup Bag, its such a cute aqua color, I love it. I also order two bottles of the bubble bath (hence why this one looks unused), because I love to take baths. I wanted the bath fizzers too but they were sold out. The bubble bath smells like roses and something else that I can't quite name, but it is lovely. I also like that I can smell it through out the apartment. 

I have also been loving the Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume, its similar to the Killer Queen Oh So Sheer! but is more vanilla based and feels more winter appropriate. I never thought I would love a celebrity fragrance line but I have to say Katy Perry has nailed it with these scents. There is a new one that came out recently, Royal Revolution, that has made it onto my Christmas list. 

I was having some really bad skin this month and thought maybe it was because I was wearing foundation a lot more and not getting it all off at the end of the day. I decided to try the Pro X by Olay which is sort of a drugstore version of the Clarisonic. I haven't tried the Clarisonic, so I'm not sure how it compares. I will say that this has helped a lot. I use it each night in the shower and even if I  have taken my makeup off before I shower this still find more to remove. It has also help make my skin smoother. I would say if you are interested in a face scrubber but don't want to bite the $100plus bullet of the Clarisonic, then this is definitely worth a go at $30. I do wish I had spent the extra $10 ($40 total) to get the one with a microdermabrasion disc. I use this with my Etude House AC Clinic Foaming Cleanser most days, not the scrub it comes with. I wanted to show how I store this, which is standing up in a mason jar so it can dry outside of the shower without laying on a counter or anything that may or may not be clean at any moment.

Last but certainly not least is the Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in Autumn Spice. This is a very cool line of nail polishes that smell pretty when they dry. This is a great fall color, dark chocolate brown with orange glitter. The scent is also very nice, its somewhere between Pumpkin Spice Latter and Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath Scent.

What product have you been loving this month?

Bests, Cittie