Makeup Storage Solutions

Makeup Storage

Today I wanted to share some of the makeup storage that I use. Most of these items are fairly inexpensive and  were really just found by looking around at pretty common retailers.

The first thing is this cardboard set of drawers that I bought at Micheals, they were less then ten dollars. These are nice and deep. They would be a cheap alternative to muji or ikea, but they are definitely not perfect. The drawers don't pull super smooth, but if you have a smaller collection or things that you don't need everyday these are great. I kind of want to paint them, they came in this brown, a red and a navy blue pattern.

The next thing isn't really storage so much as it is display. This is a mirror tray that belonged to my great-grandmother that she used to keep perfume on and I just love the way perfume bottles look on a mirror tray. Target and TJ Maxx have some inexpensive similar options.

Here are some of my smaller storage pieces, and you can see some in my drawers above. The lipstick containers are cotton containers from the dollar store (I know another blogger or youtuber mentioned these but I cannot remember who). I just cut the lids off and one square can hold 3-5 products depending on what they are. The clear plastic container is from the Target dollar section, so is the square one in my drawers. They were a dollar each and I think target has them right now. The grey containers are also from target and come in a set of 2 or 3 for a dollar, they pop up at different times of the year.

I keep my big palettes in a cloth bin under my perfume tray. The cube holder is from Target and I think its about $50, I bought mine from someone that was moving for $15. The cube is from Family Dollar and a pack of 3 was $6-7.

I use random containers that I find for my brushes and little bits. The tin is from Target and was a dollar. I use it for liners and shadow sticks. The owl is from Michaels and was less then $5 with a coupon. The pink jar is from Target clearance and was $3ish, I also use the bigger version for my hair brushes (see below). The blue mason jar is from Joanne's fabric, I keep random concealers and primers in here, they might move eventually.

 On the left you can see my messy morning prep area. The owl has a lot of my most used, but clean brushes. It is also from Michaels and again cost under $5 with a coupon. Behind the owl is a random mason jar, origin unknown, that I keep my dirty brushes in. There is also a large mason jar from my friend Tesla that contains my cotton swabs. Then my storage system breaks down into a mess of my current most reached for items. 

On the right I just wanted to show how I store my hair brushes, this is another Target clearance jar, that was around $10. The jar with the hair bobbles is an empty and cleaned Glade candle jar.

Finally I keep a lot of my nail stuff (and some office organization stuff) in this containers from DollarTree. 

Do you have any makeup storage ideas? Please share? Also would you like to see a more in-depth tour of my makeup collection?

Bests, Cittie

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