October Favorites 2015


As part of being back to my blog, I certainly need to start doing favorites again. In that spirit let's check out my October Favorites.

Soap & Glory- Clean on Me: 

I was super excited that Ulta was getting Soap & Glory and I splurged on several items resulting in this mini of Clean on Me as a free gift. Its a lovely sweet but clean scent and I've been loving using it as a bubble bath. However, I will say it is not the bubbliest bubble bath.

MAC Prep + Prime- Fix+:

I splurged on this at the end of the summer because my foundation kept looking cakey. This spray is amazing for so many things. My foundation is totally fixed when I set it with this spray, no more cake face. However, I have also used it to get intense color from my shadows. If you are gonna buy one MAC product, this would be it for me.

NYX Love in Rio- No Tan Lines Allowed:

I feel like I constantly mention this trio, but I can't help it. The shadows are super creamy and I love using the middle shade for quick lid color when I'm running late.

NYX High Voltage Lipstick- Playdate:

This has been the lip color I have reached for the most this month. On the lip its the perfect amount of unique lip color without being to shocking. I also really like the formula of the High Voltage line, they are very moisturizing.

Tarte- Light Camera Lashes Mascara:

These are like falsies without the falsies, this is my holy grail mascara!

Twinings- Earl Grey: 

I drink tea all year but I drink more in the fall and winter. My go to tea is always Earl Grey and I am particularly fond of the Twinings recipe. Sugar and cream of course!

What have been your October favorites? Have you tried any of these products!?

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Bests, Cittie

Makeup Masquerade Masque Tutorial

I was inspired by another pin for this tutorial. 

Additionally, I need to thank my friend Bridgette for letting me put things all over her face!


Liquid Latex (I bought mine from the Halloween section from Walmart for $2.54)
Some Lace Type Ribbon- I used Simplicity 3/8" Woven Scroll
Some Flat Back Gems- Mine were in my craft supply, but I think I bought them at Hobby Lobby.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
NYX Eyeliner Pencil in Pure White
Essence Eyeliner Pen in Black
Cotton Swabs
Essence Double Ended Sharpener

-Start by outlining your Masque shape with the white NYX pencil. (White is easier to fix then black.)
-Go over your outline in black, if you feel yourself splitting push towards the inside since you are going to fill it in anyway.
-Fill in your Masque area with the Black Bean NYX Jumbo. 
-Measure and cut the length of ribbon you want.
-Put a line of liquid latex around the upper edge of the masque.
-Also put a line on the back of the ribbon.
-Let the latex set for about 30-45 seconds, then put the center of the ribbon in the middle of the forehead and work your way out pressing the ribbon against the latex on the face.

-Again using liquid latex, place a dot on the skin in each place you would like to place a gem. (Gems are great for covering the ends of the ribbon.)
-Also place a dab on the back of each gem, let dry for 30-45 second and place on the dabs on the face.
-Hold the gems in place for a few moments to make sure it is dry. (Don't worry about any latex peaking out, it will dry clear.)
-Using the Essence Liner, add some flair to the bottom edge of the masque. (Alternatively you could go all the way around the masque with the ribbon.)

-Finish off the look with some foundation, mascara and lipstick.

 -Then take some selfies with your friend who courageously volunteered.

Have you tried any fun Halloween looks? Make sure to tag me to see your Halloween looks. 

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Bests, Cittie

Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Sugar Skull Tutorial

Hello, Today I am going to share my take on a sugar skull makeup for Halloween.

The pin below was my inspiration, I loved that the details were done in white instead of starting with a white face paint.

 Link to Pinterest Source
Obviously, I do not own rights to this photo.

The products I used were my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, NYX Eyeliner in Pure White, NYX Love in Rio in No Tan Lines Allowed (only the matte black shadow), Essence Double-Sided Sharpener, Essence Eyeliner Pen in Black, and Real Techniques Eye Liner Brush.

-Start with your foundation done and eyes primed. 
-Outline the biggest shapes on your face with either the Jumbo or Regular pencil.

-Add more details with the white. 
-Fill in any shapes that need to be fully white with the Jumbo. 
-Next get some of the black shadow on the eyeliner brush and start accenting the white. I think it would also look awesome to do the accents in bright colors. 
-Fill your lips with the Jumbo white, it does not have to be perfect.

-Use the NYX black shadow to create the shape of teeth in the white on your lips. 
-Blend the white and black a little outside of your actual lips.
-Use the same black shadow to darken your eyes and bring a little of the black below the lower lash line.
-Add a little liquid liner in black and black mascara.

-Finally, decide after you thought you were done that you wanted to fill in your brows with white. I think that the NYX bright mascara in white would have been better but I don't have it.

-Possible extra step: Set this look with E.L.F. HD Powder and/or MAC Fix+.
Have you done any Halloween makeup looks? Have you done a sugar skull? I would love to see!
Bests, Cittie

Ipsy October 2015

So this month's Ipsy theme is alter ego. Like everytime I get an Ipsy I love some of the things and I am underwhelmed by others.

This Month's Items:
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes (.16 fl.oz.)(Full size $24.00): I am really excited to try this, several of my favorite youtubers swear by this mascara, but it will be a while because eI have several mascaras already open. 

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed (.04 fl.oz.) (Full Size is .25 fl.oz. and $17.00): This is an amazing product, I put it on for my swatch picture and it stayed on my lips all night on through to morning.

BWC Fragrance Free Body and Hand Lotion (2 fl. oz.) (Full Size is 16 fl.oz. and Approx. $11.00): This is an okay lotion but it doesn't really feel that moisturizing. I am a huge fan of the Gold Bond intensive healing hand lotion.

Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Eyeliner in Plum (Full Size is $15.00): This liner was a pretty color but it rubs off in one swipe. 

Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum (.5 fl.oz.)(Full Size .7 fl.oz. and Approx. $24.00): I haven't tried this but the apricot and rose scent smells nice. However, I think this will have a better home with one of my friends.

What did you get this month? Have you tried any of these items?

Bests, Cittie

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)
In honor of what has been a historically popular post on this blog, I decided to revisit the topic of a DIY Z-Palette. If you are interested my original post used a DVD case. This new tutorial will use a CD case, which I think is much sturdier. 


- CD case (preferably a 2-Disc case)
- Adhesive Magnetic Sheets
- Exacto Knife
- Pliers/ Wire Cutters (depends on the type of case)
- Hot Glue or liquid cement (single disc case)
- Things to decorate the case
I am going to go through prepping the two types of cases for the magnetic sheet, then I will go through the magnetic sheet steps since they are the same for both.

Two Disc Case:

1. Remove the paper inserts.

2. Figure out how the case is hinged. You want to remove the piece the CDs sit in without removing the piece on the left that covers the end of the case (this piece has 2 Discs printed on it in this picture).

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

3. Remove the piece the CDs would sit in. Here, I just clipped the hinges with wire cutters.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

Single Disc Case:

1. Remove paper inserts and separate the CD piece from the rest of the case.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

2. Score the CD case several times, very deeply along the area I've marked in red.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

3. Once scored deep enough the thin piece will snap off cleanly with limited force.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

4. Put a small amount of hot glue on the ends of the thin piece and put it in its original place in the out CD case.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

5. Hooray! Completed case!

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

Magnetic Sheet and Finishing:

1. Draw the outline for CD case area on the magnetic sheet.

2. Cut it out, I used an Exacto knife but scissors would work too.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

3. Check that the insert fits, then remove backing and place in case.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

4. Decorate!!! I chose to paint mine, but you could decoupage, leave it plain, use stickers, etc.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

5. Insert de-potted makeup!

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z-Palette Alternative)

Let me know if you try this, I would love to see how you decorate yours!

Is there any other Makeup DIY type stuff you'd like me to try please let me know.

Bests, Cittie

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette Swatches and Review

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette


Way back in August my wonderful friend Tesla surprised me with this gorgeous palette for my Birthday. Tesla amazingly bought me a palette I didn't even know existed and it was super perfect.

This palette combines some contouring shades and some shadow shades, all are everyday friendly shades. Therefore, this is an excellent palette for travel. I also love the large mirror, which I cropped out so you wouldn't see my pjs :P

Now the important info:
Cost = $40
Worth it = Totally

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

Here is the bad news: The names are on one of those annoying transparent sheets that drive me batty. Dear Makeup Companies, please just put the names on the packaging!

Other than the complaint about the names, this is a very sturdy palette and I love the front and the palette layout. Also the hinge lets you sit the mirror at a lot of angles. (P.S. Please excuse the typo in Champagne, PicMonkey doesn't spell check me *face palm*) 

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

1. Champagne: 

This is a very pretty highlight that can be blended out to be very subtle or built up to super shimmer.

2. Park Ave Princess: 

I love this bronzer is a great shade for my skin. Its matte, which is my favorite type of bronzer because I can actually blend the contour with out turning into an umpa-lumpa (anyone else have this problem with shimmer bronzers?).

3. Unleased:

This is a dusty rose matte color that looks super natural on light/fair skin. 

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

1. Bare to Explore:

This is a super light pink that is a perfect transition color and can make a very subtle highlight for the brow bone.

2. Make a Mauve:

This is my favorite color in the whole palette, this is a duty lilac color with gold shimmer. The glitter is not chunky, it is very subtle. 

3. Plum Away with Me:

This is a pretty dark plum shimmer shadow. I will say that it takes a little work to get enough of this to appear plum on the lid without being too much for everyday wear, but overall a great shadow.

4. Up to No Gold:

This is a gorgeous true gold shadow, however this shadow kicks up a fair amount when you are picking it up on a brush and has some fall out. 

5. Tan-gled up in you:

This is a nice matte almost taupe-y tan but its more tan than taupe, its a good everyday all over color or transition for a more dramatic look. 

6. Don't Turn a Brown:

This is a matte dark brown, its a fairly cool tone brown and I like to use it with my MAC Fix+ to make a brown liner to go this this palette.

Overall, this is a great palette! I haven't used a lot of Tarte but everything I've tried has been great. (Lights Camera Lashes is my favorite mascara!!!) 

I think if you want a neutral palette that isn't your typical neutral palette then this would be an awesome place to start. I also think the contour colors are great everyday/beginner contour colors. I think it has a great combination of shimmer and matte, also if you want to add a little shimmer to an all matte eye look, Champagne could be added for a little shimmer. 

What do you think, will you be picking up the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette? What are your favorite Tarte products?

Bests, Cittie