Makeup Masquerade Masque Tutorial

I was inspired by another pin for this tutorial. 

Additionally, I need to thank my friend Bridgette for letting me put things all over her face!


Liquid Latex (I bought mine from the Halloween section from Walmart for $2.54)
Some Lace Type Ribbon- I used Simplicity 3/8" Woven Scroll
Some Flat Back Gems- Mine were in my craft supply, but I think I bought them at Hobby Lobby.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
NYX Eyeliner Pencil in Pure White
Essence Eyeliner Pen in Black
Cotton Swabs
Essence Double Ended Sharpener

-Start by outlining your Masque shape with the white NYX pencil. (White is easier to fix then black.)
-Go over your outline in black, if you feel yourself splitting push towards the inside since you are going to fill it in anyway.
-Fill in your Masque area with the Black Bean NYX Jumbo. 
-Measure and cut the length of ribbon you want.
-Put a line of liquid latex around the upper edge of the masque.
-Also put a line on the back of the ribbon.
-Let the latex set for about 30-45 seconds, then put the center of the ribbon in the middle of the forehead and work your way out pressing the ribbon against the latex on the face.

-Again using liquid latex, place a dot on the skin in each place you would like to place a gem. (Gems are great for covering the ends of the ribbon.)
-Also place a dab on the back of each gem, let dry for 30-45 second and place on the dabs on the face.
-Hold the gems in place for a few moments to make sure it is dry. (Don't worry about any latex peaking out, it will dry clear.)
-Using the Essence Liner, add some flair to the bottom edge of the masque. (Alternatively you could go all the way around the masque with the ribbon.)

-Finish off the look with some foundation, mascara and lipstick.

 -Then take some selfies with your friend who courageously volunteered.

Have you tried any fun Halloween looks? Make sure to tag me to see your Halloween looks. 

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Bests, Cittie


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