Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Sugar Skull Tutorial

Hello, Today I am going to share my take on a sugar skull makeup for Halloween.

The pin below was my inspiration, I loved that the details were done in white instead of starting with a white face paint.

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Obviously, I do not own rights to this photo.

The products I used were my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, NYX Eyeliner in Pure White, NYX Love in Rio in No Tan Lines Allowed (only the matte black shadow), Essence Double-Sided Sharpener, Essence Eyeliner Pen in Black, and Real Techniques Eye Liner Brush.

-Start with your foundation done and eyes primed. 
-Outline the biggest shapes on your face with either the Jumbo or Regular pencil.

-Add more details with the white. 
-Fill in any shapes that need to be fully white with the Jumbo. 
-Next get some of the black shadow on the eyeliner brush and start accenting the white. I think it would also look awesome to do the accents in bright colors. 
-Fill your lips with the Jumbo white, it does not have to be perfect.

-Use the NYX black shadow to create the shape of teeth in the white on your lips. 
-Blend the white and black a little outside of your actual lips.
-Use the same black shadow to darken your eyes and bring a little of the black below the lower lash line.
-Add a little liquid liner in black and black mascara.

-Finally, decide after you thought you were done that you wanted to fill in your brows with white. I think that the NYX bright mascara in white would have been better but I don't have it.

-Possible extra step: Set this look with E.L.F. HD Powder and/or MAC Fix+.
Have you done any Halloween makeup looks? Have you done a sugar skull? I would love to see!
Bests, Cittie

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