Bella & Bear Pluckers (Tweezer Set) Review and Coupon Code

Bella and Bear Pluckers

The lovely ladies at Bella and Bear were kind enough to send me their Pluckers tweezer set to review and share with my readers. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't have a lot to say about tweezers but I have to say I am very impressed with these tweezers.
Bella and Bear Floral Print

So let's start with what initially drew me to Bella and Bear Products. Their packaging all includes this adorable mint and floral print. I have shown a picture of it against my planner and phone case so you can see that this is a persistent obsession of mine. (If you want to be a detective I had Jamberry nails on Instagram that matched my phone case last year.)

Bella and Bear Pluckers

In the Pluckers see you get three tweezers: Fine Point, Flat, and Slanted. They come in a cute travel case that is a nice faux leather lined with a suede type fabric. The case was much better quality than I expected since they are listed for $13.

Bella and Bear Pluckers

Now for the tweezers, I really like these because the are easy to close, the handles are large enough that I'm not dropping them and they close tightly. I think I will get the most use out of the slanted and fine point for brow maintenance. I used them both to take care of some strays this past week and they were fabulous. The flat I think would be great for false lashes, but I rarely wear falsies (like never) so I haven't tried that yet. The thing I think I will use them for is applying Jamberry nail wraps or my Essie Nail Stickers. 

Even without the case I love that these Tweezers are a pretty mint teal and the Bella & Bear name is in a lovely script. 

The drawback for me is that the flat and slanted tweezers aren't super sharp; but I think with the inclusion of the fine point tweezers and with are tightly as they close, they don't need to be razor sharp.

Coupon Code for Bella & Bear:

Now to use the coupon code. Bella and Bear gave me a 20% off code for any of their products to give you, that is good until December 31st, 2015.

Enter Code: CITTIE10 at the checkout and be sure to click apply before placing the order.

Now if you going the Bella & Bear Band of Beauties you can get 25% off instead of 20%.

I think I want to order their brush collection and maybe the brush cup, but I wish the brush handles had their print!

Will you be ordering? Have you found any awesome small brands?

Bests, Cittie

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