Urban Decay Vice 4 Swatches and Review

Let's be honest, I was kidding myself when I thought I wasn't going to buy this palette. I told myself "You have enough palettes, you have enough pretty colors, you don't need this one, you don't need those colors." But then I hit pan on my favorite go to taupey-silver (the middle color in the Nyx love in rio trio- no tan lines allowed). Keep an eye on Robbery when you look at the swatches because that  was the straw that broke my resolve. 
Onto some details: This palette retails for $60 (I used my Ulta 20% off on it) and you get 20 shadows that are .8grams each. It comes in some really snazzy and sturdy packaging, and includes a little travel bag and double ended brush. The shadows are a mix of finishes ranging from matte to chunky glitter. 
Talking about Vice Palettes generally: Vice Palettes come with a great big mirror that stands up on its own making them great travel companions. I think that my Vice 3 has a better hinge because my mirror will sit at most angels but my Vice 4 will not. Another thing I like about Vice palettes as limited edition, collecting palettes is that the overall dimensions are the same from year to year so they stack neatly. The overlay on the front of Vice 4 does keep it from being super flat, but its gorgeous.
Onto the swatches and notes on some of the colors:
*Please note that when I swatch I rub my finger in the shadow and then swipe once, because I think that gives the best sense of the product.*

Moving from Left to Right I'm just gonna briefly comment on some of the shades.

Dicreet, Framed, and Bones are all very nice shadows but my skin tone is so similar to them that the swatches don't come across very well.

Left to Right: Bitter, Discreet, Framed, Bones, Flame, Grasshopper, Fast Ball, Grip.
Flame wasn't as bright as I expected but its still very pretty. 
Low and Crowbar are my least favorites in this palette, they are chunky glitter shades that come off a bit chalky and they loose some of their unique color when applied. Also Low applies a bit darker then it looks in the pan because the glitter makes it look lighter in the pan. 

Left to Right: Low, C-Note, 1985, Deadbeat.
The Satin and Micro Glitter shades are some of the best in this palette, such as Fast Ball, 1985, C-Note, Underhand, Harlot, Beat Down, and Robbery. They all apply smooth, true to color and super pigmented.

Left to Right: Crowbar, Arctic, Underhand, Beat down, Delete, Robbery, Harlot, Pandemonium.
Overall, I think that this is a great palette but I don't think it is a palette for everyone. I think Vice 3 had things for everyone because it had a really great set of neutrals, which this is missing. However, this has a lot of great cool tones and if you love a silver or purple eye look you will have things you will use plus some new things to play with. 

Have you tried this palette or any of the other Vice palettes? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Bests, Cittie

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