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Back to Blogging, Return from Hiatus
It has almost been a year since my last post!

I ended up taking a very long break because life happened and I had lost the passion for blogging. Over the past year I would think about my blog and miss it every once in a while but it has only been in the last month or so where I have felt like I truly wanted to come back.

So here I am. 

I have started with a new layout, I have cleaned out some of the old content that wasn't doing so well,  and I have some new things that I've added.

I have organized my posts so you can find the categories you want as easily as possible. I have added a link to my Etsy Shop - Cittie's Crafting.

All in all I wanted to come back refreshed.

As for me, a few major things have changed since my last post.

These are in no particular order:
- I have graduated law school.
- I have taken and passed the bar exam.
- I have a full time job.
- I have gotten married to my best friend after being engaged for over 4 years.
- I have taken up figure skating and it has become a big part of my life.
- My little household lost one dog (he was very old) and gained a new one (he is a little hellion). This brings the dog total to one yorkie (DaĊĦenka) and one yorki-poo (Watson).

So from here on out, there will be posts that resemble my old content but I also have a bunch of new things to share, and I'm looking forward to it!

What have you been up to?

Bests, Cittie

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