Plan with Me: 2017 Passion Plan and Goals

Plan with me, Passion Plan, Goals

Happy New Year,

I thought I would kick off the new year on this blog by sharing another part of the Passion Planner and how I use it. Below is a picture of the Passion Roadmap that kindly includes detailed instructions.  The instruction that I regularly ignore is the one that tells me to map my goals with a timer. Sorry, not gonna happen, my handwriting alone would cause problems. 

That being said I like the way this breaks things up into 3 Months, 1 Year, 3 Years, and Lifetime. I think that allows for some very good short term and long term goal planning and even goal brain storming.

For example right now I don't have a long term career goal, because after graduating I got the job I thought I would be working to get for several years. I was extremely lucky and a lot of pieces came together at the right time, but now I don't have a long term goal. Right now I am happy and not entirely worried about my lack of long term goal, but I know I will eventually need to consider it, so I've left a space at 3 months to brainstorm that goal and one at a lifetime to input that goal. 

Passion Planner, Passion Road Map 2017

Another great thing with this is looking a progressive goals, you can see I have 'Adult Silver Skating Level' at 3 years and 'Adult Gold' as my Lifetime goal. I need to complete the Silver level before I can complete the Gold level. 

Finally on the right you will see another map, this is the gamechanger, the thing that would make the most difference. For me this is almost always a goal about saving money or cutting down on spending, because saving money can help with almost everything else. 

As you can see I don't follow every little piece of the instructions from Passion Planner but overall I like the concept and I think its a good way to break things down.

Do you set goals? If you do, do you keep track of them?

Bests, Cittie

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